Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 things on my mind . . .

1. I attended my first wake as an adult. My friend's dad died, and I couldn't attend the funeral because of work, so I went to the wake. It was odd, standing in line with all of these people I didn't know but who had a connection to my friend. My friend's dad had been a Boy Scout leader for years, and it touched my heart to see Eagle Scouts both young and old coming to pay their respects. I hope my friend could feel the love and support I so desperately wanted to convey in just a few words of condolence.

2. This week I also "married" a family. Some friends flew to Vegas to get married, but wanted some type of ceremony uniting the bride's daughter with them as well. So at their wedding reception, I officiated this joining of a family. It was simple and beautiful. It also made me add to my bucket list "Officiate a marriage." So, if you want to get married - let me know and I'll hook you up.

3. There are few things I find more satisfying than feeding people. It has become my habit to bake a different type of cookie each week for my Tuesday night class. I come by this honestly, as my mum is such an amazing baker. Last year for Christmas mum wrote out each of her cookie recipes and put them in a binder. I'm currently working my way through the recipes for my night class. When I read her handwriting I feel like she's right there with me in the kitchen. She is bossy, even in her writing :-)

4. I am feeling fat and ugly and gross lately. Probably from all the cookies I've been sampling.

5. I'm seriously addicted to the new TV show "The Blacklist." It is freakishly good.

5.1. It's only 33 days until Catching Fire opens in movie theaters. I'm still determining if it's worth the anxiety attack (because of the crowds of people) to attend the midnight showing.

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