Thursday, September 5, 2013

Well, well, well

Huh. I dislike first dates so much, I find myself really surprised when I have fun.

This was a fun date. Comfortable. Easy. Laid back. Pay-it-forward guy is funny. And easy to talk to. And interesting. He had his own repo-business for about 10 years and has some great stories. He seemed interested in getting to know me. And he's really cute. And has a great smile. There was no awkwardness. (Except our server was one of my new students. Ufdah.) I like this guy. I want a second date.

What is going to drive me crazy is figuring out if the feeling is mutual. We talked about getting together again, but in a casual-no-plans-were-actually-made way.

How long do I wait before I send a casual text thanking him for dinner and letting him know I enjoyed getting to know him?

What if he thought I was completely weird and couldn't wait for the date to end?

But I swear, there was a spark. What if I was the only one who sparked? If he didn't spark could he tell I sparked?

This is ridiculous. It was just a first date.

But I really want a second date.

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