Wednesday, February 19, 2014


In the days since my last post, the following things have happened:

Feb 14th: I drove my forensics team to Ripon, Wisconsin to compete in the state forensics tournament. I also ran the tournament, which meant I was feeling stressed.

Feb 15th: My team won the Wisconsin Collegiate Forensics Association State Tournament for the 22nd consecutive year. HELL YEA!!! We also drove home on roads that were total crap due to snow.

Feb 16th: Because every person I know has been going on and on about how freaking great "House of Cards" is, I decided to watch an episode. Damn it. It really is that good. So I spent the rest of Sunday binge-watching the entire first season. I am still recovering, emotionally.

Feb 17th: Still suffering a bit from tournament (and House of Cards) hangover, I was trying to figure out how to have enough energy to teach class. Then I remembered I was giving a test, and I did a happy dance. But just a little dance, because my knee is giving me problems. I had an appointment with my rheumatologist, who agreed I needed a cortisone shot in my knee. (Ouch!) He also had me get X-rays of my tailbone, because that pain just won't quit.

Feb 18th: Knee was pain free for the first time in weeks! Coached for 8,000 hours. Got a call from my rheumatologist with X-ray results . . . It's not arthritis, nor is it a fractured tailbone. I have coccydynia, which sounds like an STD but is actually inflammation in the tailbone. This can occur from a fall (which I've NOT done) or simply spontaneously, with no known reason. Yea. I ordered a coccyx pillow to sit on - yes, that's a real thing. If the pain doesn't go away, the next step is physical therapy. At home, I used a freeze-off wart remover for the first time on a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. I've never had a wart before (icky-grody) and I'm hoping this treatment will make it magically go away.

Feb 19th: Had to go to the dentist. Not a big deal for most people. I am not most people, and have a severe, serious phobia of the dentist. Luckily, I have a dentist (Dr. Meer with Maple Ridge Dental in EC) who is amazingly kind and sensitive to my irrational fear. He is not phased to find me crying when he walks into the exam room - in fact, I don't think he'd recognize me without puffy eyes. The good thing is he slaps the nitrous mask on me just as fast as he can. He also has some magic technique of administering Novocain that hardly hurts at all. Two hours later, I had a cavity filled and a temporary crown on another tooth. I rewarded myself with a mint-mocha shake, but then discovered my mouth was so numb I couldn't feel the straw. Still waiting for feeling to return to my mouth.

We are scheduled to get hit by a snowstorm tomorrow. If we get hit by the 10-12 inches predicted, I may find my chimney buried, which means my furnace won't work, which means I will freeze to death. I'm crossing my fingers my neighbor still has a roof rake I can borrow, if needed. Though I have no idea how I would actually get to the back yard as there is 4-5 feet of snow piled up in the back yard. Oh well, guess I'll cross that bridge if I need to. Any tall people want to come rake the snow off my roof?

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